Episodes 1 to 10 – Josie Long, Matthew Crosby, Jonny & The Baptists, Grace Petrie, Robin Ince and more!

Aah, so you've come for information about the early episodes, eh? Well, episodes 1 to 10 still exist - but first, we need to talk about parallel universes.

This podcast kind of started by accident. I always used to record the gigs on my phone's microphone app, just for my own records. But one day there was an entire gig that seemed to go really nicely. So, just for fun, I put the entire gig up online, as a podcast.

I didn't intend it to be a regular thing, but the first episode seemed to be quite successful! So I released five more episodes, two-hour long each - then took a break, and came back with shorter, edited episodes.

Thanks to the kindness of the mighty podcast supporter, tech wizard and brilliant comedian Mike Sheldon, I was able to invest in some proper gear, to record the gig with high-quality audio. As time went on, the podcast sounded nicer, had better production values - and frankly had better jokes, as I learned how to do comedy!

The result is that the newer episodes are much more polished than the older ones. I'm still proud of the early episodes, but they're very different to the slick-AF episodes you're used to today. For that reason, they're not on the podcast feed.

But, you can still hear them! If you've worked through the archive and want a little bit more of dat sweet sweet content, just drop me a donation, with a note saying you want access to the early episodes. I'll email you the links.

There's loads to enjoy, with tons of my early stand-up, plus spots from:

  • Josie Long
  • Robin Ince
  • Grace Petrie
  • John-Luke Roberts
  • Jonny & The Baptists
  • Ben Partridge
  • And loads more!

Drop me a line, and 5 hours of sweet shambolic content could be yours!