Ep42 – Alex Kealy, Chris Coltrane. Jan 2017

Alex Kealy makes a welcome return to the podcast (you last heard him on episode 36) - and we've got a lot to talk about. Trump, religion, mental health and solidarity are the themes of this episode. Give it a listen, and let our punchlines wash over you like so much verbal shampoo.

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My new stand-up this episode was mostly about having solidarity with, and taking inspiration from, the wave of workers going on strike around the country. I also question people who claim they're Christian when they hate refugees and compassion; libertarians who are actually just selfish babies; and why my comedy doesn't always work.

Meanwhile, Alex brings brand new stuff down about how to deal with mental health issues in an age of Donald Trump. There's some really thoughtful stuff here, and I think you'll like it.

FUN FACT: My actual recording of the gig failed! And what I mean by that is, I forgot to press record. So this episode, along with episode 41, were re-recorded the next day, in my living room, to an audience of 15 other comedians and friends who happened to be free. Yep, it's a bit of a weird one. But in the end  we managed to make it work. I hope you like it!