Ep43 – Rosie Holt, Chris Coltrane. Feb 2017

It's time for another ranty episode! I am Extremely Angry at being told that all the activists fighting Trump are paid protests. Tell me who I'm supposed to send my invoice to!

Rosie also makes her first appearance on the podcast. She's so great - and is getting increasingly more political recently, so I was delighted to get her down to the gig, I think you're going to enjoy this one.

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In this episode I talk about hypocritical Republicans, hypocritical corporations who peddle unity when 70 years ago they were paying taxes to the Nazis, the hypocrisy of Theresa May saying she's a Christian when she abandons refugees, and the hypocrisy of Donald Trump in, well, everything really!

Meanwhile, Rosie tells us why Liz Truss is her favourite rubbish politician.