Ep46 – Gareth Gwynn, Chris Coltrane. March 2017.

So good to finally have Gareth on the podcast! You may know him already from a fair few places: his work presenting on BBC Radio Wales, his terrific stand-up, or maybe his work with long-time collaborator John-Luke Roberts. His set was so great, really really funny, and I'm v (short way I made up of saying "very") proud to be able to bring his jokes to you. Plus: there's new jokes from me too! Imagine that. Imagine the podcast with my name in having new jokes by me. Go on: imagine it.

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In this episode I do two sets: one about learning Japanese, and one about the time when I was 19, and I almost worked in porn! Oh my goodness, how different (and better) my life would have been. Meanwhile, Gareth explains Welsh party politics. The conclusion: everything is broken everywhere.