Ep47 – Joe Wells, Chris Coltrane. April 2017.

Imagine recording a political comedy podcast on the same day that a snap general election is announced. WELL WE DIDN'T HAVE TO IMAGINE IT. We had 9 hours from the announcements to the start of the gig to utterly transform our sets. Did we manage it? Well, I don't want to spoil anything, but: no!

It's always a treat to have Joe on the podcast. He's a true talent, a vital socialist voice on the circuit. He's been on the podcast many times before, and I'll always have him back.

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I'll confess that I wrote far too much new material for that night! There were too many things in the world making me angry and sad that I wanted to try to turn into comedy. For time purposes I edited it down to my highlights, and this podcast contains two sets by me: one about Theresa May's lies about easter, her lies about her moral Christian faith, and the speed of the news cycle, and then another set about Trump and Syria - and the failure of the news to hold him to account.

Joe came down and tried a few jokes that might possibly go into his EdFringe show this year, "I Hope I Die Before I Start Voting Conservative". If you're a cat lover, you might find this episode controversial!