What is The Lolitics Podcast?

Me, on stage at Lolitics, being delighted that a certain right-wing national newspaper wrote a front-page hate-piece about the club. Achievement unlocked!

I'm Chris Coltrane, and I run (and podcast!) a comedy club called Lolitics, at the Black Heart in Camden, London. You should come along and be in the audience sometime!


Lolitics is a club specifically for political comedy with a left-wing spirit. We celebrate activism and optimism and joy and hope, and try to make the world a better place, with a sense of fun and silliness.

Most of the jokes you'll hear us say will be written especially for the gig! It's a unique night, and we work really hard to make something wonderful, for you.

The club started six years ago, in February 2011. Over that time some of the guests that have become regular acts include Stewart Lee, Josie Long, Robin Ince, Bridget Christie, Nish Kumar, Grace Petrie, Jonny & The Baptists, and tons more.

Stewart Lee loves the club so much he even wrote about it in his Guardian/Observer column.

Conversely, the Daily Mail hates us so much they wrote a front-page article about why we're the worst.

I will leave it up to you to decide whose opinion you trust the most.


Well, you see, there's rules to the gig.

For the acts, I tell them: no ironic racism / sexism / homophobia / transphobia, or any kind of dickheadish nastiness. No picking on anyone in the audience. And finally, no rape jokes. At Lolitics we're proud to battle against the racism and misogyny you so-depressingly-often find at other gigs.

For the audience, there's just one rule: no heckling. Don't shout stuff out, don't join in. Just bring your laughs. It's a safe space for friendly comedy and ideas.

At Lolitics we're dedicated to comedy that makes a difference. The economy, climate change, the Westminster bubble, science, religion, sexuality, social justice, feminism, world news - we talk about things that really matter, and that's why we get an audience who are not only the loveliest in London, but who are hungry for intelligent funnies.

(And by the way, if you'd like to read more about the rules, I've put them here. They came about from conversations with people who loved comedy, but were put off by the macho bearpit aggressiveness of other gigs. If that sounds like you, come to us. We've got a night out that you can actually enjoy!)


Well: in 2013 I had the idea to podcast the show, as a one-off experiment. Skip forward to today, and we're now over 40 episodes in, with tons of live, fresh, passionate political stand-up - all for free, and all for you.

I try to publish episodes fortnightly-ish. Each episode has brand new stand-up from me, and from one of my guests on the night, plus a sponsor that is real, and definitely not fake.

And of course, I'd love you to come to the live gig sometime. Click the link in the menu above to find out all about it!